Helper Apply! :d

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Minecraft Name: U6e
First Name: Nick
Former Minecraft names: Th3N1cPic, TNickP
Age: 13
Can you sit on TeamSpeak and have a mic? no :C
Where are you most active on Minelife? SoupPvP, Creative. And i love to type. :D
What types of games do you play? Do you actively use the forum? Do you like to play on our servers? Etc ..? I play Minecraft mostly SoupPvP, sometimes Creative. I do use the forum actively. And i love playing on your servers i play on them pretty much everyday only time i wouldnt see myself playing them is on vacation :D
How much time do you have to be auxiliary? 5-7 hours a day.
Have you ever been banned from other servers? If yes, describe why. Never been banned for anything.
SCENARIE: Suppose it's your first week as a Help and you mutate a player. Their friends start spamming you in msg, calling you a bad helper and telling you to unmute them. What would you do? I would ask them politely, why am i a bad helper and i muted the player for a reason. If he starts spamming me or typing bad language ill call a higher power. Mod, Admin to take care of him.
Tell us about one of your best moments on the Minelife server: I got my house under the lilypad on the first arena in SoupPvP. Gotta say thats the best moment :D
Tell us about a time when you made an error within the last year? How have you treated it? What did you learn? An error? hmm... To be honest i really have not made any errors except screwed one exam up, got a 5- and from that day i just study really well and have gotten many 10's.
If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside Minecraft? I dont really have a hobby but i go out with my friends everyday if they arent busy, we just have fun outside.
Do you have any previous server moderator or manager experience? Not at all
- If yes, explain the role you played, what skills / experiences you have gathered and how this will help you in your role as a Helper. Have not had experience
SCENARIE: You come home from school / work and have lots of homework / work to do. You think for yourself; "I only take a 5 minute break before I start and run on Minelife." The next thing you notice is that 2 hours have passed and you have been on the server all the time. Is this scenario known? Yeah, doesent really happen because main thing for me is my irl. I do my homework / work first i eat i go to the bathroom get a drink. And i start playing on minelife. So not a big problem for me.
SCENARIE: You are on a busy server as a Helper. Question picks up on you. You will be notified of 2 different players asking you to check a possible hacker. Another writes for you at TeamSpeak and tells you that someone is using Soundboard in their channel. What would you do? I would msg another Helper or Moderator or Admin to go check one and i would check the other if no Mods, Admins or Helpers are available i would fastly go to the 'hacker' and check him if he doesent look like a cheater i would leave him alone for a moment, then i would open up ts and go to the soundboard user and mute him if he is doing anything bad go back to the 'hacker' and if he is not hacking i would just continue my day.
Have you made previous applications? If so, how many and what is the date of your last? I have made one it was for a game called Unturned 1½ years ago but not any for minecraft
Why should we choose you as a staff member? Im a really kind / helpful person, im honest. I love the server and i would love to also protect it.
Second we need to know? Yes. Im not good at Danish i can type it but not very well, so if theres something i cant understand on Danish ill just ask a Danish friend or translate it.
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