Ban appeal LeftStrqfez

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Hvad er dit spillernavn? LeftStrqfez

Hvem bannede dig? MrSlice

Hvornår blev du bannet? 2018-02 15:51

Hvorfor blev du bannet? I was joking with my friends and staff must have taken it as a threat when I was joking. I did not mean anything harmful and was just joking with my friends.

Hvorfor synes du selv du skal unbannes? Because I never would have joked about that stuff and I was only having fun with my friends. No offence.

Anden infomation der kan være vigtig? No

Unban appeals uden disse informationer vil ikke blive accepteret!


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You told slice this over the course several messages:
"just cuz im black u banning me, demote!!!!!, I will pull up at yo house and explode it with my bombs"
So not only are you calling abuse for him banning you, guessing on another account? You also issue a death threat towards him for doing so.
Not too smart there fellow.
Not open for further replies.